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How indeed, can it be reconciled with the good image of Filipino expatriates who chose to work and live abroad? Jekyls in their midst compared with Filipino Mr Hydes who lord it over in their home country. Until that divine time when one of their sons was voted by offspring of masters and children of slaves alike to be their leader—their President. King’s children, remain fighting for that dream, the American Dream to make a stay.

How do we explaine the passivity of the majority to the centuries old oppressive rule by the few? Jose Rizal said, “There will be no masters where there are no willing slaves.” His written thoughts and his actions led to his public execution by the colonial masters.

If there was a dream, it seemed all about the self, his independence and self-improvement.No utopic dream for its citizens to rise above his worth.It is an skewed comparison but Ninoy Aquino of recent history said, “The Filipinos are worth dying for.” A quarter of a century after those words were said—that led to his murder—many are still uncertain, dubious as to what Ninoy really meant.To the patriots, the nationalists, the proud breast beaters, the Filipinos are really worth the lives of their heroes.The American dream is about Americans, not about the country—the United States of America.

Without the country—being about or in another country—there will be no American Dream. By serendipity, hard work and rare skills, Manny Pacquiao—many clueless Filipinos don’t realize—Manny obtained undreamed of fame and riches in America, which he can never get in the Philippines even if he wins the Lotto a few times.Noynoy’s Social Contract with the People may,—put in its proper perspective—be considered his Philippine Dream.We can find it in his stated vision for the country: (1) A re-awakened sense of right and wrong, through the living examples of our highest leaders; (2) An organized and widely-shared rapid expansion of our economy through a government dedicated to honing and mobilizing our people’s skills and energies as well as the responsible harnessing of our natural resources; (3) A collective belief that doing the right thing does not only make sense morally, but translates into economic value as well and,(4) Public institutions—as instruments of social justice—rebuilt on the strong solidarity of our society and its communities.The broadest and largest chunk of it is in the Preamble.In the 1987 version: the dream under God’s blessing seeks the existence of a just and humane society, a government nurturing and espousing people’s ideals and aspiration which promote the common good, as it pursues prosperity as an independent democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace.If one must contrive, concoct, sculpt and fashion a country dream, a nation of dream-like reality, a Philippine Dream for example, one need not dream about it, or do a doctoral thesis about it, or do a research about it.