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This creates a uniquely vibrant and stimulating learning environment in which to study international Law.

The LLM International Law is linked to our Research Group, International Law at Westminster, which regularly organises public events on topical issues: we recently organised panels and conferences on nuclear proliferation, torture, and citizenship deprivation.

Every year, the Oxford University Press Prize is awarded to the best LLM International Law student.

The course will enhance your understanding of the key principles of public international law, the main developments within the public international law framework and the process of globalisation and its significance for international law.

International Law of the Sea This module will introduce you to the comprehensive legal framework of the international law of the sea.

You will examine the various maritime jurisdictional zones recognised in international law, including principles relating to the territorial sea, archipelagic waters, international straits, contiguous zone, continental shelf, exclusive economic zone, high seas, and deep seabed.

We encourage all our students to get involved in the activities of the center so that they can build contacts with leading professionals.

Our location, just off Regent Street also puts you within easy reach of all the main legal and political insitutions and organisations giving you fantastic networking opportunities.You will gain a deep knowledge of international humanitarian law, and a thorough understanding of practice and law relating to key concepts, such as prisoners of war, combatants, protected persons, neutrality and war crimes.New forms of warfare, such as cyber warfare and drones, are also addressed.Kystverket benytter verktøyet i sin beredskapsløsning – hvilket registreringsbehov kan vi dekke for deg?Webapplikasjonen Adaptive er et alternativ til enkle desktop GIS-verktøy.You will need to agree the topic with the module leader, and it must not replicate materials covered in other areas of your coursework, or comprise work submitted for any other award.