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He asked if I had put up some Guns N’ Roses tracks. Furthermore, I’ve completely deleted the streaming files from the server, and even my personal computer.

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Previously, I told at least one interviewer that Fernando had told this lie to the FBI, as that was my understanding at the time.Today, as I read the FBI’s classified notes from a meeting with Fernando in August, I can see that he told them the truth, rather than what he told Laurie Soriano in June. David Benjamin at Universal Music’s Anti-Piracy Office sent all of this information, along with my email correspondence with Laurie Soriano, and both of my Antiquiet articles (the one from June 6th and the leak), to Michael Connelly, RIAA Supervisor of Investigations, West Coast Region.The funny conversation I had with my girlfriend was about Joel Stein, who writes for TIME and the LA Times, who you may know from his snarky commentary on shit like VH1’s I Love The 80s.He’s like a slightly more credible, slightly less funny Michael Ian Black.This actually strained various work relationships for my better half, but hopefully she won’t mind me laughing about it now that she’s long gone from that world. This apparently consisted of little more than shooting the shit with Joel for awhile.

I thought I had spoken to Wired, or called Andy Greene back that day, but I can’t find any evidence of any other interviews going down, at least until a week or two later when things really started heating up.On June 18th, 2008, I sat at my desk in an office building in a part of LA called Ladera Heights, which is sort of like a ghetto Culver City.This means nothing to anyone living outside of Los Angeles.Well, turns out Joel was at that socialite’s brunch, expecting to do a piece on the host.When he approached my girl (or when she approached him, both scenarios are equally understandable), the conversation turned to what I was up to, and at that point he decided he’d like to write about me instead.She was working in politics at the time, and at that moment was pretending not to be bored at some super-liberal socialite’s circle jerk brunch in Beverly Hills.