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So I guess I should feel a bit lucky that my only complaint is slow refreshes.

You can imagine how this behavior would slow down your macro.You can You can add another level of performance boosting by using Enable Events property to tell Excel to ignore events while your macro runs.Guidance for doing this is also included in the KB article.I’m currently on a project to improve the performance of a particular workbook.This issue is so common, it seems, that Microsoft has posted up an actual KB article on it.

Here it is: Performance and display issues in Office 2013 client applications The KB articles states that additional problems can result, including blurriness, screen flickering or flashes, completely black or white display, performance problems, and even application crashes.Part of this task involves speeding up a few of the macros in the workbook.While I’m thinking about this stuff, I’d like to share a few simple tips for speeding up your Excel VBA code. So feel free to comment and share any other performance tips you may have.If your workbook is formula intensive, you may not want Excel to trigger a recalculation every time a cell value is altered by your macro. Calculation property to tell Excel to switch to manual calculation mode.When a workbook is in manual calculation mode, the workbook will not recalculate until you explicitly trigger a calculation.However, if your macro is working with lots of data, the status bar will take up some resources.