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Some are healing their relationship, some are starting a relationship, others have a great relationship and that’s in part because they do cool things together like this retreat! When you book in you’ll be asked to pay a 50% deposit, then we’ll invoice you for the remainder, due four weeks before the retreat.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to have a chat before booking in. The surroundings, the people, and the teachings were all a blessing.

While waiting for his transplanted follicles to start growing hair, he sought a temporary fix from the E4 show Body Fixers, to allow him to feel good about himself at an upcoming wedding.The stylists completely transformed his bald patch by attaching pieces of hair to Mike's head, which he plans to keep until his transplant takes effect." "We've just spent a wonderful weekend workshopping with Jacqueline. All the things we were worried about turned out to be no concern at all and all the things we were looking forward to turned out to be much better than we dreamed! " Please note that this Retreat is designed for couples who are in a good space and want to get even better.Her workshops are fun, informative, sensual, and in many ways deeply profound - the weekend brought us closer in ways we could never have imagined. If your relationship is troubled, please have private sessions with me first, in person or via Skype.In fact, the results have been almost instantaneous!

" "Thank you Jacqueline for an absolutely amazing weekend.Mike previously kept his receding hairline covered up by fashioning the rest of his hair into a quiff that he kept in place with a bandana.He approached Body Fixers hairdresser Daniel for help, revealing that his hair has left his life in a 'mess'.Parklands Country Estate, Blackheath, in the Blue Mountains.A five-star resort with sophisticated rooms in an ultrachic complex of garden cottages, plus a day spa and a private lake.He approached the Body Fixers team because he had a wedding to go to in Ibiza and needed a quick fix.