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Bischofsches Haus This was the ancestral seat of the wool-trading Bischof family.

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Another seal used as early assingles homberg known only from later examples, bore the barry that is, horizontally singles homberg Lion of Hesse.

Furthermore, the smaller lions in base numbered three up untilbut ever since, there have been only two.

Thus the church, one of the most important Gothic monuments in North Hesse, is sometimes called the Reformationskirche Hessens — the Reformation Church of Hesse.

Kirchhofslinde "Churchyard linden" Before the church stands a linden tree that is more than years old.

Engel-Apotheke This just click for source built in on the site of a former house, and is the biggest timber-frame house on the marketplace. Krone "Crown" This is a timber-frame house from Since it has been a guesthouse. Noteworthy single heidenreichstein the adornment with saltires. Hochzeitshaus Wedding House Built inafter the old town hall burnt down, it was click the following article as the so-called new town hall.

Later it was a rectory, a school and an administration building, but since it has housed the Heimatmuseum der Stadt Homberg Homeland Museum of the Town of Homberg.Crookedness limits the streetscape optically, and at the end of the street is a T-junction, with a view of houses opposite.The same effect was achieved when the town planner staggered the side lanes or had singles homberg meet the main single tanzkurs ansbach at a singles homberg angle.Inthe town hosted the 48th Hessentag state festival.The town itself singles homberg over several learn more here underlain mainly with basalt.There exist small coal deposits in the immediate area.