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Returning from Rome he was assigned as a judge and defender of the bond for the Tribunal.About a year and a half later he was appointed the Judicial Vicar for the Diocese.

Luckily for him, he has a few retired priests in the parish who are more than happy to help out with weekend Masses when he’s gone.

He attends national events of Civil War reenactments as chaplain for a large group called the United States Volunteers.

He then moved to Tonawanda where he, his sister and two brothers grew up.

John attended All Saints and Blessed Sacrament elementary schools in Kenmore.

Father Sal then returned to school in Rome to study Canon Law.

He worked at the Tribunal in the Catholic Center in Buffalo during the summers when school was not in session.He proudly stated, “I have been working at Camp Turner for over 50 years.I started when I was in the seminary and continued straight through.” Father John enjoys singing, playing his 1850s guitar and reproduction banjo.They let me follow my own decision and whatever I decided was going to be fine with them.” Father Sal was ordained by Bishop Head in St. After ordination he returned to Rome to finish school for the first year of his priesthood.Upon returning to the Diocese of Buffalo he was assigned as parochial vicar to St. He then spent some time as a parochial vicar at St. That was the end of being a parish priest for a while.“I always liked history and had a special interest in the Civil War.”, remarked Fr. You would think weekends are busy enough for priests but he finds time to reenact Civil War events during the summers.